Design Of Local Area Network Installation

May 26, 2020

Latest company news about Design Of Local Area Network Installation

latest company news about Design Of Local Area Network Installation  0

A fiber-optic network is the most widespread type of network in the world and deployment continues at a rapid pace. The two hottest growth areas for fiber-optic-network installations are the new long-haul telecommunication networks, which provide terabit-per-second transimission of all forms of information, and local area networks(LANs),which provide on-site communication,Although LANs are traditionally considered computer(data) networks, today they support all other types of telecommunication services.


The technique of long-haul installation is well developed and well described. On the other hand, the technique of LAN insallation is rapidly changing and today's description becomes obsolete tomorrow. That is why this section concentrates on LAN installation design, which represents only the physical layer of a local area network. The physical layout of fiber cables , the types of cables , the types of fibers , the types of connectorization, and the hardware -making the right decision from among all these4 choice is the subject of this section. In other words , we are 

concerned here with fiber-optic-network installation in its broadest sense. 


From a logical standpoint , design is the first step in network installation, but the designer  has to be familiar as well with installation system and components. It is not our intention to make you a professional network designer; rather , our purpose here is to give you , a futurer professional user of these system , some insight into the area of design. 


It should be noted at the outset that Regulation TIA/EIA 568A, the " Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard", is widely accepted as the industry standard for LAN installation. We will prefer often to this standard in this section. To start with , TIA/EIA 568A accepts only two types of fiber-62.5/125um graded-index multimode and a singlemode-as standard transmission media for local area networks .





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