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Fiber Optic Training -- Fiber types

October 18, 2018

Latest company news about Fiber Optic Training -- Fiber types

Fiber Optic Training



This passage is a fiber optic training article written to help you have a quick learning of the fiber optic products most sold currently in online market and the related basic knowledge of fiber optic communicatin systems.


This fiber optic training passage is suitable for beginners, online resellers and end users who buy fiber optic products on the net. If you are engineers or if you already are familiar with fiber optic products and systems you can skip it.


The fober optic products most sold online may be the various fiber optic cable assemblies and related components. This will include fiber optic patch cables, fiber optic jumper,fiber optic pigtails,fiber opticloop backs and fiber optic splitters.


Generally all the fiber optic products are classified by single mode fiber type and multimode fiber type, so is the cable assembly. For single mode, typical is using 9/125 fiber , and for multimode, typical types are 50/125 fiber or 62.5/125 fiber .


Single mode and multimode are the optical fiber types; optical fiber is the heart of the fiber optic cable so the cables are also named single mode fiber optic cable or multimode fiber optic cable accordingly.


Single mode fiber sometimes is shorted for SMF, cable assemblies using SMF is PVC jacket with yellow color, multimode fiber sometimes is shorted for MMF, cable products using MMF is PVC jacket with orange color, this will help identify them more easily. Cable diameter usually is 2mm or 3mm outer diameter; sometimes 0.9mm diameter cable is also used (mainly on pigtails).


Simplex fiber optic cable, duplex fiber optic cable and multi fiber cable assemblies are classification according to the optical fiber cable structure. If you cut fiber optic patch cable in the middle, you get two pieces of fiber optic pigtails; the term fiber optic pigtail is simple as that. Generally, multimode fiber cables are more expensive than single mode types based on the same structure.


You may notice there are rise fiber cable and plenum fiber cables, they are different fire-resistant standards in U.S.A. if you are selling or using the products in European countries, you will need Rohs compliant fiber optic products.


RoHS is required standard to protect the health of the end user and the environment.

Of all the fiber cable assemblies,insertion and return loss  are two important parameters.


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