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Really !Fiber Changed the World !

October 29, 2018

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Optical fiber, the union of glass and light ,revolutionized the way the world communicates.Thanks to this technology, we can connect to anyone anywhere by sending emails , pictures ,music, and videos around the globe at speed of light Optical fiber builds  connections with glass thinner than a human hair.

Today’s generation is connected unlike any other. Currently more than 2 billion kilometers of optical fiber is deployed around the world, linking people, businesses, communities, countries, and continents together.


The technology to instantly and globally share voice, data, video, and applications such as file-sharing, online gaming, video on demand, and HDTV continues to push communications networks to expand and evolve.


Since our invention of the first low-loss optical fiber, we have continued to develop and deliver new generations of optical fiber technology, fueling the global expansion of broadband connectivity.


Due to its compatibility with other technologies and nearly unlimited bandwidth capacity, optical fiber has the ability to grow and adapt to future communication needs.


The optical fiber revolution  will continue to lead the industry in developing the next generation of technology for the communications networks of today and tomorrow.

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